Jim Goepel

Episode 4.6

Please, Just Change Your Password

Be honest, when’s the last time you thought about how safe your personal information was online? Jim Goepel, an adjunct professor at Drexel, explains how to protect yourself online (and begs you to please, please, change your password every once in a while). View transcript.

About Jim Goepel

James (“Jim”) Goepel is CEO and General Counsel for Fathom Cyber LLC. Early in his professional career, Jim worked as a systems administrator and cybersecurity lead for organizations in the Northern Virginia area, including the United States House of Representatives, where he was responsible for the maintenance and security of systems which processed critical and sensitive legislative information. Jim drew upon this hands-on experience when he built his legal practice. He worked as outside counsel with one of the largest firms in the country for several for several years before transitioning to in-house positions with Unisys Corporation, The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, and as GC and CTO for a cybersecurity tools vendor.