Kristen Betts

Episode 1.5

You Live and You Learn (Online)

Our new nickname for Kristen Betts is “discussion board whisperer.” This former Spanish teacher and current Drexel professor now focuses on online learning, and gives us the lowdown on the history of online learning, building the perfect online classroom and how professors can literally change their students’ brains. View transcript

About Kristen Betts

Dr. Kristen Betts is a clinical professor in the School of Education at Drexel University. Dr. Betts has over 20 years of experience in higher education serving in key leadership positions within private, public and for-profit institutions as a program director, senior director for e-learning, director of online & blended learning and chief academic officer. Dr. Betts’s expertise is in higher education, online and blended learning, curriculum development, instructional design and faculty development. Dr. Betts publishes and presents on online and blended learning, student/faculty recruitment and retention, Online Human Touch/high touch, online pedagogy, accessibility, metacognition, transfer of learning, Brain-Targeted Teaching, accreditation, eStudent Affairs and eAdvising. Dr. Betts is a peer evaluator with the Middle States Commission for Higher Education, a Quality Matters certified peer reviewer and an instructor for the Online Learning Consortium Advanced Certificate program. Dr. Betts serves as a National Faculty Academy Coordinator for an Urban Special Education Leaders of Tomorrow (USELT) grant, and as a grant reviewer for the Research Grants Council in Hong Kong. Dr. Betts is a conference reviewer for several national and international associations. She has been a reviewer for 12 journals/publishers and a guest editor for two special issues of a refereed journal. Dr. Betts has received distinguished national awards for her work in higher education and online learning, including the CITE 2015 Award by Pearson for Excellence in Online Administration. Dr. Betts has been a keynote speaker at conferences and government-supported events in Sweden, South Korea, Canada and across the United States.