Barrie Litzky

Episode 2.6

It’s Just Business

Big Business is the root of all evil, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Drexel professor Barrie Litzky breaks down how some businesses are using the free market to make the world a better place – and why more businesses need to do so. View transcript.

About Barrie Litzky

Barrie E. Litzky received her Ph.D. in organizational sciences and psychology from Drexel University and taught for the past 18 years at Penn State Great Valley. At PSU, Barrie’s primary teaching responsibilities included business, ethics, and society; sustainability; diversity leadership; and career management. She established the Consortium for Sustainable Business Development at Penn State Great Valley, which operated from 2010 through 2013 and supported various faculty research projects, a campus lecture series, and a variety of student initiatives including service learning and field trips. Barrie created courses in sustainability and social entrepreneurship and led the effort to create a graduate certificate in Sustainable Management Practices. In September 2017, Barrie returned to Drexel as an associate professor of entrepreneurship in the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship. Excited to be at The Close School, Barrie is currently developing and teaching courses in social entrepreneurship and sustainability, resilience and failure, and mindfulness.

Dr. Litzky’s research, published in outlets such as Academy of Management Perspectives, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Ethics Education, and Journal of Ethics and Entrepreneurship, reflect her interest in the role of business in society and in the ways that organizations and their members both create and respond to social justice issues. One of her personal teaching goals is to continue to demonstrate to business and entrepreneurship students that they can do well by doing good and she is a strong advocate for the triple bottom line (economic, environmental, social) approach to measuring success. Barrie serves on the boards of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia and the International Association for Business and Society.